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No matter your installation type or version of software, the dropoutGS Support Team is there to assist you.


What support comes with the software?

Each license of dropoutGS come with 90 days of complimentary e-mail support from the initial date of purchase.


Need to contact Technical Support? Contact us here!


What is your upgrade policy?

Pertains to: dropoutGS v1.0

dropoutGS is the only product offering an upgrade at this time, specifically from the Express edition to Professional.

When an upgrade license is received after purchase, the Express product is first deactivated via Settings > Other Settings > Deactivate product. This does not remove any settings, templates, printer assignments, etc.

Upon reopening the product, input your new license key. The program will then continue as the new Professional version with all former settings remaining intact.

How do I activate the sofware?

Whether you've ordered a full version key for dropoutGS or requested a demonstration key, you may activate your product using the 20-character key provided at time of purchase or request of demonstration. To activate it automatically over the Internet, install the product and attempt to launch it. Copy and paste your key from your order confirmation email and the product will be unlocked. If your computer is not online at the time of activation, you may contact Technical Support. Have your key and challenge code presented by the software ready at the time of your call. The Technical Support Representative will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I move the software from computer to computer?

Yes. Click on Settings > Other Settings and click the De-Activate Product button on the old computer before attempting to activate the software on the new computer. If you are unable to access the software on the old computer, simply contact Technical Support and they will deactivate your software at your request.

How do I upgrade from a previous version?

To upgrade, request a new free trial, click on the download link in the email you'll receive, and install right over your existing version. All your settings will remain, and your existing license will carry over! Tip: To upgrade from an existing full version, there's no need to deactivate the product. The trial email will also include a trial key you should ignore. Just download and upgrade. Done!

Is there a Mac version of dropoutGS?

While some of our customers are using Boot Camp or Parallels to successfully operate dropoutGS installations, dropoutGS does not yet come in a Mac version.

If you'd like to see a Mac version, feel free to contact us and let us know!

On how many computers may I install dropoutGS?

While dropoutGS may be installed on any number of computers, only one may be activated using the same key at any given time.

Is dropoutGS for 32-or 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems?

It is a 32-bit application but will function beautifully in a 64-bit environment.

using dropoutGS

Can the Customer Preview Window be used on monitors with a portrait orientation?

Absolutely! The Customer Preview Window, like any resizable window, will conform to the size and orientation of the display.

Can dropoutGS be used in multiple station installations?

Yes! dropoutGS is being used in both small and large scale operations currently and with the various options the software offers you, most any installation type and photo-based product is possible.

Can dropoutGS process non-green screen shots and lenticular products in addition to green screen photographs?

Not only that, but it can do so in the same customer's order. It will composite any 3D backgrounds you may have alongside the other wonderful products you offer your customers.

Can dropoutGS handle multiple layered lenticular templates?

Absolutely and with the obvious option to designate the layer order.

Does dropoutGS have reporting capability?

Yes! Select a date range and click to find subtotals, taxes, totals, sales types (cash, credit), inventory control and more.

How difficult is it to use custom backgrounds and templates? Does the software support transparency? What graphic formats must they be?

Importing any JPG background and PNG overlay with transparency is quick and simple. In most cases, no more than three clicks are needed to import any background you wish!

How does dropoutGS handle photo ID tickets, bracelets, pre-printed barcodes and the like?

With ease. You may choose to either print photo ID cards with each shot (with or without barcodes), rename incoming filenames automatically from different sources to create a homogenized photo environment or even scan pre-printed barcodes or photo IDs to allow for multiple group photos to be linked under a single ID. The choice is yours.

What photo capture methods are accepted?

Popular camera manufacturers are supported natively meaning you can tether your camera to the dropoutGS computer without the need for additional software. You may alternatively employ a "hot folder" that dropoutGS watches. You can also use media cards with the Professional version.

Do you have a separate screen for customer preview for dual monitor setups?

Absolutely! dropoutGS was built with the customer in mind so they only see their photo being edited by invisible hands, not mouse clicks here, editing controls there, etc. Your customer also has their own checkout screen when you reach that step and not until then, allowing them unfettered view of their picture.

I handle multiple event types and have backgrounds or borders for each type. Do I have to load each background prior to each event?

dropoutGS allows you to load every background you maintain all at once and only display those you plan to use through the use of Categories. Of course, all of your backgrounds are available to you at any time but only those of the selected category (if not all) are displayed to your customer. You can even assign your backgrounds to multiple categories to negate repetition.

I offer products that are not of average dimensions (i.e. 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, etc.) Can dropoutGS handle odd sizes?

We're well aware there are standards and there are some who like going against those standards. Our team is right there with you and that's why we not only pre-loaded most of the standard sizes but also allow you to create your own. One of our customers has a 12"x36" pre-printed tri-fold that is printed with dropoutGS!

Can I process credit cards through your software?

Yes. You can process either cash and/or credit with dropoutGS which has built-in support for either PayPal™ or® payment gateways.


How do I use my Honeywell Voyager GS 9590 with dropoutGS?

Your scanner must be in a serial emulation mode, even though the scanner connected via USB.

1. Download and install the latest MetrOPOS Driver from here.

2. Next, download and print this PDF which contains the barcodes needed to return your device to its default state and enter serial emulation mode.

3. Once done, discover your scanner's emulated COM port from within Windows Device Manager by clicking on the Start button, then clicking on Control Panel and then depending on your Control Panel's appearance either Hardware and Sound and Device Manager or directly on Device Manager.

4. Within Device Manager, click on the arrow next to Ports (COM & LPT) to expand the selection. Note the COM port listed next to your device's name, e.g. "Honeywell (COM 4)" would be COM 4.

5. Within dropoutGS, click Settings > Other Settings > [check] Enable Scanning and choose from the dropdown the correct COM port noted in Step 3.

Are there different versions of the software for both green screen processing and lenticular composition?

No! You'll find dropoutGS is a "one stop shop" for most operations. A single order for your customer may include any combination of products you've defined which includes 2D, 3D, lenticular flip, different sizes with or without borders and/or overlays.

Will I need expensive photo editing software to alter hue, brightness and contrast or even create grayscale/black & white or sepia-toned images?

All those controls are within dropoutGS' Main Screen, no need to look elsewhere. You can, however, always use the export feature to edit the original photo (RAW), a composite (JPG) or even a PNG version with green screen removed in whatever program you wish. Most of our customers have happily found they no longer need to use multiple applications.

Where is your software used currently?

The robust nature of dropoutGS means it can be found right now in major theme parks, concerts, business conventions, marketing shows, national landmarks, worldwide touring and fixed exhibits, famous sports stadiums and more. Its simplicity, speed and affordability also means you can find it at birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, weddings, Christenings, sport team events, school events and more. Simply put, it's not designed for one particular event but rather to handle whatever you throw at it.

Is there a wish list for dropoutGS?

dropoutGS was created by listening to the suggestions of people like you. If you have a recommendation for dropoutGS or would like to see it do something it currently cannot, feel free to contact us!


  Minimum Requirements
Internet Connection:

Broadband Internet connection required to validate licensing and for optional online services

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional SP1, Window 8.1, Windows 10
Computer Processor: Intel® Core2DUO 2Ghz or better; i3, i5, or i7 (preferred)
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB for installation, 5 GB minimum recommended for image processing and storage, dependent on your image capture volume
Computer Memory: 32-bit OS, 2 GB
64-bit OS, 4 GB
Screen Resolution: 1280x800 pixels or higher
Video Card: Discrete video card w/ 512MB of VRAM preferred with Dual Monitor capability (1280x800 Min resolution recommended)
Alternative video option requires Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor with Intel® 4000, dual monitor capability if using customer preview screen.
Receipt Printer: Epson TM-T88V, Epson TM-T88IV or compatible; USB only
Barcode Scanner:

Honeywell Vuquest 3310G, Honeywell MS3780, or compatible. Please note the scanner must have serial port emulation.

Credit Card swiper:

USB/HID, such IDTech MiniMag Duo (IDMB-35XXXX, e.g. IDMB-355133B)

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